DIY Diesel Fuel Storage Version 3.0

Back on a very cold day in January, Tim decided it was time to update our diesel fuel storage solution again. You may recall our video about using a 55 gallon barrel to store diesel for Johnny and a hand pump to easily dispense the fuel.
After using the barrel on the pallet for a while, we decided that it was taking up too much floor space. Our shed isn’t that big and we need every inch for Johnny’s toys. We had also been reading and responding to many of our viewers’ comments and wanted to incorporate some of those suggestions. Plus, it was so cold that we couldn’t do anything outside and working inside close to Johnny to improve his living/working conditions was the next best option.

Improvement #1: Drum Dolly

In addition to taking up floor space, the only way to move the barrel while on the pallet was with Johnny and the pallet forks. This wasn’t a bad solution but we couldn’t clean under it or easily refuel in a different location. We found a 55 gallon drum dolly at Rural King. It works ok but the wheels are a little small and get stuck too easily. If we do it again, we would purchase this one at Amazon. It’s wheels are further out on the ring, has a greater weight capacity (1000 lb. vs. 800 lb.) and it’s cheaper! Removing the pallet really freed up a lot of space. We can now tuck the fuel drum in a corner out of the way and store other items in that corner!

Improvement #2: 3/4″ Twister Swivel

The fuel hose had a kink in it where the hose attached to the pump. The kink affected how fast the fuel was dispensed even when Tim tried to hold it open during fueling. We placed a 3/4″ twisted swivel hose connector between the pump and hose. Again, we did not buy this exact one…but we wish we had!  It is cheaper, and otherwise looks exactly the same. The twister swivel has some really cool features that should keep the hose from kinking and make fueling up faster!

Swivel Features

  • Lightweight and maintenance free
  • 360 degree swivel rotation in middle joint & male end.
  • Mates with all standard and diesel hoses
  • Swivel elbow cast aluminum.
  • Fluorosilicate seals perform to -40 degrees F
  • Both swivel joints have double O-rings

If this doesn’t remedy the kink, several viewers suggested a spring hose guard. We’ll try that next. We wouldn’t want to get it perfect this go around – would we?

Improvement #3: Fuel Filter

Multiple viewers also mentioned adding a fuel filter to our storage solution. Those of us with compact tractors do not use as much diesel as say a farmer who works many acres of land. Therefore, the stored fuel sits for longer periods of time given rise to potential issues like water, sand, or dust getting into the fuel itself. We use Johnny’s shed to do wood working projects so contaminating the fuel is very possible. Therefore, we decided to add this Goldenrod Canister Fuel Tank Filter. It will remove microscopic particles (10 microns) of rust, sand, dirt, scale, and lint. It’s important to remove these particles before they reach Johnny’s internal organs! Now Johnny will run smoothly and not worry about his arteries clogging. Anything for our boy.

For detailed instructions on how we installed each of the improvements, please watch DIY Diesel Fuel Storage Solution Version 3.0. Both Tim and I were relaxed that day and not in any hurry. We were enjoying each other’s company and had a lot of the small talk which I edited out (you’ll be thankful for that). Our lives are busy and doing stuff together in the shed or outside with Johnny is quality time for us. We both enjoy these times and usually get a little something accomplished.

We want to thank all our viewers who watched the previous fuel storage solution video and made constructive suggestions. By implementing some of them, we have made our fuel storage better. Please let us know how you store your diesel for your compact tractor.

If you are interested in how to prep a barrel for diesel and where to purchase the hand pump we use, please read DIY Diesel Fuel Storage, Transport, and Pump via 55 Gallon Barrel for Compact Tractor.


  1. Tim
    Do you use any additives in your fuel for Johnny? Your videos inspired my to order my own Johnny. Very informative. Is there a pallet fork that you recommend. I ordered a gel, 54 auto connect deck and a 54” blower for starters. Kens BoltOnHooks, lock and lube and a quick connect 3point hitch are also ordered. Heavy hitch is on the list too. Let the fun begin!

  2. Do you use OFF ROAD fuel? IF NOT why NOT?

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